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MAAD VECTOR STUDIOS is the newest online destination for original independent creative media expression targeting youths and young adults.  We are artists/animators that produce digital comics, animated series, and video games for smartphones and tablets.  Our goal is to release entertainment content using HTML5 open standards so anyone, anywhere, can enjoy our wonderfully diverse universe on any device at any time on the web, around the world.  Although our studio is small, there is no limit to our broad spectrum of storytelling.  Also, we want to become one of the first studios that's proud to say that when you support our brand of entertainment, a substantial amount of our profits goes to aiding and helping to address the homeless situation in our country.  Check out any of the tabs above to see our diverse characters and entertaining creative content.

The team consists of Jabari Dumisani and Paula Dumisani, 2D & 3D Art/Animation, and Game Development.
Maad Vector Studios, 2013.  all rights reserved.
Family owned and operated.