One man will save humanity even at the cost of his own.

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We introduce you to Eric Benard Rhymes, a promising young man with a unique gift and creator of a nanotech bioform called "The Cybernism".  Initially constructed to be used to revolutionize medical science, it was stolen and corrupted ushering in a new dark age of danger and destruction.  This lead to the creation of PARAGENETICS, augmented beings merged with technology so advanced it changed what it meant to be human forever.  Overwhelmed by those determined on using these gifts to further their selfish goals of villainy and tyranny, and with mortal men and women finding themselves helpless with no real means to stop this sudden and devastating threat, can Eric find the courage within himself to do what must be done, to do what others cannot, to make the ultimate sacrifice and lose everything he holds dear for the greater good of all mankind?  Stay tuned to find out more.

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